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Seattle is Dying, Video Shows What It Looks Like

This morning before heading to work, I stopped by the post office to drop off a package. Typical errand.

It’s Monday morning and guitar man was on his street stage busking for a few bucks from the occasional passerby.

As I turned toward the door to leave, there was a shriek that sounded like a woman arguing with someone on a cell phone. A moment later, there she was.

A distraught woman with a sunbaked face, walking with determination along the sidewalk, still ranting at someone. She wasn’t talking on a cell phone. She was talking loudly to herself or, more likely, a voice in her head.

After blurting a few words at guitar man, she continued traveling along the sidewalk toward downtown. Seemingly oblivious to traffic, shrieking woman plunged across traffic causing a pick up truck to stop and avoid hitting her.

As I turned the corner, shirtless man pushed a shopping cart across the intersection as he headed toward the post office.

When I stopped for a cup of coffee, a woman was emptying the contents of her shopping cart onto the sidewalk next to the outdoor seating area.